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Technology is everywhere today and many of the innovations change the way organizations do business. A big challenge to this is that there is a barrage of options combined with a lot of marketing fluff around each. Many products offer to deliver great value with little effort, while others promise to duplicate existing services, only cheaper. These marketing approaches often tell us what we want to hear and deny the principles that you get what you pay for. They can also overlook the fact that good business solutions require specific insight into the opportunity or problem they are designed to address and seldom require little thought or effort.

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Have you ever experienced a technology manufacture selling their latest technology as the greatest just to turn around and reveal to you that their last version had weaknesses in it? Suffice to say, it’s never a cure-all solution. We could say the same about the latest IT evolution: The Cloud. Cloud computing is here to stay and has led to some very good products. The cloud and its ever reaching goal to do everything and do it cheaper is not always what it is made up to be. There are holes, gaps and concerns with the trend to move all content to the cloud. Our engineers and architects have worked within many different environments including in large scale hosting and cloud providers data centers and engineering teams . This gives us insight to the actual gaps and how IT is really managed across the board.

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